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Call for Contributions to Panel Discussions, Demos, Musical performances, Workshops, Talks or Other Genres for the upcoming Food Festival: An Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Event

Event Dates: 10-12 November,

Venue: District Six Museum, Cape Town

Artists, students, academics and musicians interested in contributing to the programme are invited to submit proposals of panels, talks, musical performances, demonstrations or workshops on the following:

  • Organizational and activist responses to food crises;
  • Corporate capitalism and seed/agrarian and food politics;
  • Food in culture;
  • Recipes, cuisine and social identities;
  • Embodiment, the visceral and pleasure;
  • Food struggles, food sovereignty and agrarian transformation;
  • Nature/Society and the ecological crisis;
  • Gender, food and the domestic.

Expressions of interest should include a short paragraph of no longer than 1 page outlining the proposed contribution to the festival, explaining its value or relevance and indicating its form (e.g. Panel Discussions, Demos, Musical performances, Workshops, Talks or Other Genres).


Contact  foodpoliticsandcultures17@gmail.com for more information.

Download detailed document here


“Yearning for Taste” – A Call for Contributions to an Art Exhibition for the Food Politics and Cultures Festival: 

A Festival of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences,

Event Dates: 10-12 November,

Venue: District Six Museum, Cape Town

Alongside artists like Berni Searle and others, the exhibition also wants to invite young, aspirational artists interested in opening up creative conversations and fresh ways of using visuality to experience, explore food and the human in South Africa.

Artists or art collectives interested in being featured in this exhibition are invited to submit (electronic only) samples and short descriptions of their work to foodpoliticsandcultures17@gmail.com by 12 October 2017.

Detailed document available here



Upcoming Events:

Food Politics and Cultures Festival: A Festival of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences,

Date: 10-12 November

Venue: District Six Museum

Hosted by the Food Politics and Cultures Project within the Centre of Excellence in Food Security at UWC, the festival brings together intellectual activists, scholars, students and artists to generate interdisciplinary conversations about and responses to the socio-political implications of food items, foodwork and food consumption. The festival will challenge the rigid and technical models that usually frame activism and scholarship about food, land and agrarian studies, and will focus on multidimensional, interdisciplinary and creative responses to and dynamic conversations about the myriad facets of food in our lives.

Food is central to our day-to-day experiences of physical survival, pleasure and work. Yet scholarship rarely confronts this adequately, even though we live at a time when corporate capitalism controls the choices we make about food and how to grow and eat it; when the impact of harmful genetic engineering constantly threatens, what is on our plates; and when groups such as small-scale farmers, domestic cooks and artists are resiliently searching for liberating ways to grow, eat and think about food.

Full invitation available here

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