EXTENDED: Call for Contributions to an Art Exhibition for the Food Politics and Cultures Festival


“Yearning for Taste” – A Call for Contributions to an Art Exhibition for theFood Politics and Cultures Festival: 

A Festival of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences,

Event Dates: 10-12 November,

Venue: District Six Museum, Cape Town

Drawing on Angelo Fick’s formulation of food as both order and disorder, this exhibition complements the Food Festival and explores individual and collective engagements and representations of food. The visual arts create a vantage point outside of, yet in conversation with other academic, humanities-oriented and social enquiry approaches. They also extend text based work to unravel how see, taste, smell and imagine food. To this end, visual works are able to extend and develop debates and to ‘play’ with the quotidian nature of food. Alongside the larger concerns of the project, the exhibition is prompted by some of the following questions:

  • How are food and the body engaged in similar questions of consumption?
  • What are some the ways that the centrality of food exists and plays out in notions of society and belonging?
  • Is there a relationship between hospitality and hostility exhibited through food and food production?
  • How is foodwork and related concerns made womenswork and how does this still exist in relation to corporatism as masculine and patriarchal?
  • How can we engage with geographical histories of food cultures and politics?
  • What are food struggles?

Alongside artists like Berni Searle and others, the exhibition also wants to invite young, aspirational artists interested in opening up creative conversations and fresh ways of using visuality to experience, explore food and the human in South Africa.

Artists or art collectives interested in being featured in this exhibition are invited to submit (electronic only) samples and short descriptions of their work to foodpoliticsandcultures17@gmail.com by 12 OCTOBER 2017.



PDF document available here




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